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20400-KIT ( RTO369-00)  

20500-KIT ( RTO368-00)  


81922-KIT (RTO352-00)  

81822-KIT (RTO351-00)  

06-08-MST90-KIT  (RTO257-90) 07CG00181(1X), 08OR00524-PKG(1X), 06OR00266G-PKG(1X)

(12) Fittings, (30) Black Stem O-Rings, (18) Green Pilot O-Rings, (15) Green #12 Cages. Evaporator to Suction Port on Compressor.


Introducing our full range of A/C Fittings, Tube and Hose Repair Systems. Our Fittings allow the versatility of changing A/C Lines at any time and are useful when building custom vehicles such as Heavy Truck, Hot Rods, Bus’s & RV’s, Rear (sleeper cab) and many other unique Mobile Air Conditioned Systems.