08-08-FLTS90-KIT (RTO142-90) 07CG00181(1X), 08OR00524-PKG(1X), 08OR00242G-PKG(1X)


06-06-FLTS90-KIT  (RTO140-90) 05CG00227(1X), 06OR00543-PKG(1X), 06OR00266G-PKG(1X)


06-06-06-STT-KIT (RTO262-00) 05CG00227 (X3), 06OR00543-PKG (X3)


12-12-12-ST-KIT (RTO221-00) 10CG00594(3X), 10OR00567-PKG(3X)


06-06-FSTSS-KIT (RTO228-00) 05CG00227(1X), 06OR00543-PKG(1X), 06OR00266G-PKG(1X)  


10-12-FLTS90-KIT (RTO146-90) 10CG00594(1X), 10OR00567-PKG(1X), 10OR00224G-PKG(1X)  


10-10-FLTS90-KIT (RTO212-90) 08CG00601(1X), 08OR00529-PKG(1X), 10OR00224G-PKG(1X)  


10-12-FFSS-KIT (RTO227-00) 10CG00594(1X), 10OR00567-PKG(1X)  

Out of stock

10-12-FFS90-KIT (RTO234-90) 10CG00594(1X), 10OR00567-PKG(1X)  


06-06-S00-KIT  (RTO120-00) 05CG00227(2X), 06OR00543-PKG(2X)


06-06-06-ST-KIT  (RTO218-00) 05CG00227(3X), 06OR00543-PKG(3X)

A/C Fitting Kits

08-MSTBPS00-KIT (RTO326-00)


08-08-MSTBPS00-KIT (RTO326-00)  


08-08-S00-KIT (RTO121-00) 07CG00181(2X), 08OR00524-PKG(2X)  


06-06-MSTS-KIT  (RTO141-00) 05CG00227(1X), 06OR00543-PKG(1X), 06OR00266G-PKG(1X)


10-10-FLTS-KIT  (RTO212-00) 08CG00601(1X), 08OR00529-PKG(1X), 10OR00224G-PKG(1X)


10-12-FLTS-KIT (RTO146-00) 10CG00594(1X), 10OR00567-PKG(1X), 10OR00224G-PKG(1X)  


08-08-FSTSS-KIT  (RTO229-00) 07CG00181(1X), 08OR00524-PKG(1X), 08OR00242G-PKG(1X)


08-08-FFS90-KIT (RTO232-90) 07CG00181(1X), 08OR00524-PKG(1X)  

A/C Fitting Kits

Protected: RTO376-00


There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


08-10-MSTS-KIT  (RTO145-00) 08CG00601(1X), 08OR00529-PKG(1X), 08OR00242G-PKG(1X)


06-08-FSTS90-KIT (RTO233-90) 07CG00181(1X), 08OR00524-PKG(1X), 06OR00266G-PKG(1X)

A/C Fitting Kits



Our Master Performance A/C Kit contains the shortest reusable fittings you can find with charge ports and bends. Includes a total of 48 fittings and enough hose to fit multiple vehicles. Cages, O-rings, tools, hose, and fittings all in one toolbox at your workbench to simplify your A/C install or repair.


06-06-FLTS15-KIT (RTO140-15) 05CG00227(1X), 06OR00543-PKG(1X), 06OR00266G-PKG(1X)


06-08-FSTSS-KIT  (RTO225-00) 07CG00181(1X), 08OR00524-PKG(1X), 06OR00266G-PKG(1X)

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