Made In America Show – Indianapolis Indiana

As a startup company with focus of manufacturing in America, we decided to exhibit at the first Made In America Show back on Oct. 3rd – 6th at the Indiana Convention Center.

It was an opportunity for us to prepare for a series of trade shows we have scheduled for the next 6-8 months. With a great deal of enthusiasm from other fellow exhibitors and attendees this event was special and a remembrance of why we do what we do. Our core focus is to offer quality A/C Fittings at competitive prices that are delivered fast! Our tube and hose supplier Spiral Industries Inc. sources all their raw materials locally and assembles parts in Howell Michigan. 100% American Made products. Throughout the past few decades its been known that most OEM’s have sourced parts off-shore to reduce costs. Overtime this has created a huge gap in the industry especially within the service and aftermarket demand.

Our fittings allow the versatility of changing A/C lines at any time and are useful when building custom vehicles such as Heavy Truck, Agriculture, Construction, Hot Rods, Bus’s & RV’s, Rear (sleeper cab) and many other unique Mobile Air Conditioned Systems.

3 thoughts on “Made In America Show – Indianapolis Indiana

  1. gt1prd says:

    I have contacted you previously when I first saw your ad. We build specialty vehicles here in N. Carolina such as the HotRods and Muscle cars you mention. A paper catalog and possibly wholesale price sheet would be nice to have in the shop.
    If you have a referral list for customers looking for a competent installation shop we would like to be on it. We have 3 MACS certified ac technicians, and the latest R134 and R1234yf service equipment. We service both markets, the OEM and the aftermarket. Our website is
    Thanks, Gil Goldstein, G&G Automotive Enterprises / 336-629-3150

  2. markalanwells0 says:

    I talked to your rep at 2020 SEMA show about repairing a vintage air system and he said to contact you about hose od before ordering. I see no contact info on your web site. Could you please send me a phone number or email so L can contact you. thank you

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